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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- What kind of Trust is IASS? Is it Government, Private, or NGO?

Answer – IASS is a non-profit charitable trust which is exempted under 80 G of Income Tax Act. Trust is devoted to the selfless service for the holistic development of mankind.

Q2- What is the procedure to take an admission in Ashram?

Answer – Anyone who wishes to visit the Ashram is welcome for a day visit. A fortnight stay is permitted only if the person is through a Sadhak’s reference. Also, for regular Tap-Seva-Sumiran followers, the premises are anytime open. However, any visitor should assure his purpose of stay as to learn Sadhana only.

Q3- What is the charges one need to pay for staying at ashram?

Answer – There are no charges for staying in the ashram for the first three days, which includes staying, lodging, meals and natural treatment (in case you are here to consult for a disease). However, after 3 days, a minimal amount is charged only for the meals.

Q4- What to do if anyone wants to come to the ashram for treatment of a disease?

Answer – In case of any disease, patient is advised to attend one of our seven days camp. These camps are organized in various parts of the country, every month. You can find the list of these camps in the Calendar link.

Q5- Are the seven days camp organized by IASS chargeable?

Answer – Yes, it is chargeable by the respective location’s local centre. This involves full day schedule – lectures and food (including juice, fruits and salad in lunch, snacks in the evening and complete meal for dinner).

Q6- Is there any camp being organized at Badari Narayan Sevagram?

Answer – We organize fasting camps twice a year during Navratra (Sep-Oct & March-April), where 400-500 people practice fasting while staying in the premises. The fasting is accompanied by rigorous lecture schedules. Participants do fast only on honey, lemon mixed water and some newcomers take juice and fruits/salads during this period of 8-9 days.

We also organize two ‘Student-Parent camps’ for children aged 12-25 years during vacation time in India (May-June and December end). These camps aim at imbibing the cultural, moral and spiritual values in youth. They are taught to live healthily and a blissful life through the practice of Tap Seva Sumiran.

Q7- Do we celebrate any festivities at Badari Narayan Sevagram?

Answer – Yes, there are some special occasions that we celebrate at Badari Narayan Sevagram as a festivity.

a- July 6- Birthday celebration of His Holiness Yogi Ji Maharaj.

b- August 1- Nirvana Diwas of His Holiness Yogi Ji Maharaj.

c- March 2- Birthday celebration of PujyaShri Akhilesh Ji Maharaj.

d- December 9- Sadhak Diwas in the memory of PujyaShri Akhilesh Ji.

e- The spiritual festival ‘Guru Purnima’ on different dates in July (according to the Hindu calendar).

Q8- Are the Navratra fasting camps free or paid?

Answer – The registration is necessary for both types of camp – Navratra fasting camp as well as Students- Parents camp. The registration fee which is as low as Rs.200 is only a token to secure your registration in the camp.

Q9- Is there any facility through which a new visitor can buy conventional breakfast and lunch for them?

Answer – There is no such facility available as we are particular with our principles. We follow a strict “No Breakfast” rule and a fruitarian Lunch. However, adhering to the system, conventionally cooked lunch is available for children and a complete meal is available for all at the dinner.

Q10- What is the process of donations in your organization?

Answer – We teach the Principle of Tithing (offering ten percent of your income in the service of God) and accept only this service. You can find the procedure for this service in ‘Contact us’ link.

Q11- Is there any other branch or centre of IASS?

Answer – The Main center of IASS named “Badari Narayan Sevagram” is situated at Meerut city, U.P. (India). We also have a new centre registered at Vadodara, Gujarat.

There is no other branch or centre of IASS. However, you may feel free to connect with any follower of Tap-Seva-Sumiran, who in himself is alive Sadhana center, capable to make you understand the principles through their experiences.

Q12- Is there any activity apart from camps that is being organized by IASS?

Answer – We organize a unique “Upwas Yatra” every year, where more than hundred Sadhak observe water fasting for 7-8 days & demonstrate March past for 250-300 kilometers (30-35 kilometer/day). The purpose of this Yatra is to demonstrate the principle that food is not the source of energy. The infinite reservoir of energy is inside, which can be manifested by fasting.

Q13- What are the activities that take place in ‘camps’ organized by IASS?

Answer – The duration of the camps vary from one day, three days to seven days. Basis the duration of camp, we design different lecture programs and the depth in which the subject is discussed. We try to create an atmosphere where you can practically be a part of the lifestyle that we ought to teach. This also includes Question-Answer sessions and experience sharing of people already following the principles.

Q14- What is the authority of work done by your organization?

Answer – IASS is continuously engaged with different research projects, about which you may find as follows:

a) In 1966, we organized a fasting research project at Rajbhawan under the surveillance of Governor, U.P.
b)  In 1984, we organized a research project at Lajpat Bhawan, New Delhi under the surveillance of senior
c)  During the period of 1994-1999 our 309 Sadhak (the test group) were observed by Meerut Medical College
and three doctors were awarded their M. D. degree.
d)  In 1999, we organized an International Congress on ‘Fasting and Autonomic Control in Health and Disease’.

The doctors and scientists observed our Sadhaks fasting only on water and some not even taking water 6 to 9 days. They observed our Sadhaks and certified that Tap Seva-Sumiran teaches a lifestyle that can make your body disease free and your immune system strong.

Q15-How do you treat people suffering from diseases at Meerut Centre?

Answer – We would like to make it a point, that we do not treat patients and their diseases but we teach the principle of living healthy and happy. Health and happiness bring with them, disease free-body and a stress-free mind. In the process, to take care of a disease-free body, we do make people practice an ideal dietary plan, fasting, raw eating, accompanied by enema and other natural therapies. For a healthy mind and an enlightened soul, we make people understand and follow Seva and meditation.

We recommend every person suffering from any disease, be it physical or mental, to please be a part of at least one seven days camp that is organized in various states and in various point of times. The camp is designed in a way that any patient can see a change happening to them within a time frame of 7 days.

We also recommend you study the literature being offered by the organization. It helps to have a better understanding of theories backed by examples and evidence.