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Param Pujya Hriday Narain ‘Yogiji”

IASSParam Pujya Hriday Narain ‘Yogiji”

Param Pujya Hriday Narain ‘Yogiji”

You may have heard of saints in India wearing saffron clothes and living in ashrams. This is a fact. However, the founder of International Association for Scientific Spiritualism (IASS), Brahmrishi Hriday Narain, (His Divine Grace Yogiji), was different. He always wore plain white clothes, had a wife and a family. He treated his family members as he treated others showing no signs of favoritism.

He was never attached to any person, money or relatives. In addition, up to the time of leaving his body on August 1, 2001, at the age of 96, he showed very little signs of aging. He was always in a state of bliss without any signs of ego or intellect.

In 1927 after receiving a B.A. degree in English from Kayastha Pathshala, he entered Allahabad University to study law. After realizing, like Mahatma Gandhi, that to be a successful lawyer he would have to ignore truth, he chose not to get his law degree. Before leaving the university to enter the business world, he was able to meet and establish a long relationship with His Holiness Pt. Badri Narayan Tripathiji (Tripathiji).

His Divine Grace Yogiji received enlightenment from Gurudev Pt. Badari Narayan Tripathiji in 1929. At that time, he was told he would be taking the message of service around the world for the benefit of mankind.

His Divine Grace Yogiji was given insight from both Tripathiji and God to interpret the unfathomable Vedic philosophy depicted through various characters and episodes in the Sri Ramcharitmanas. He put aside its saga and filtered its holy and most scientific, rational and symbolic meanings, which show clearly that any individual practicing Tap-Seva-Sumiran, will have an elevation in consciousness, ultimately reaching God realization while remaining in bliss at all times.

It was in 1956 when His Divine Grace Yogiji took voluntary early retirement from his business career as an English translator with the police department of Uttar Pradesh to devote full time to serving God and to fulfill his mission. He then began traveling extensively in India as well as most major countries around the globe to teach the esoteric interpretation of the Sri Ramcharitmanas.

For over 50 years he covered a distance of about 4,000 kilometers every month. His schedule was always booked two months in advance and the only discourse ever canceled was when the Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, was assassinated on October 31, 1984.

During his lifetime, His Divine Grace Yogiji conducted numerous scientific experiments on his own body and achieved exemplary results. A large number of his followers have also experienced dynamic changes in their lives and achieved freedom for chronic as well as so-called fatal diseases. In addition, they are free from any worry, fear or pangs of separation.

His Divine Grace Yogiji received awards from two Indian societies – the Brahmrishi in 1991 and the Gyan Shri in 1993.