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My name is Shubham Khairnar and I am 23 years old. I am a mechanical engineer by training and live in Aurangabad. When I was all of five years, I developed a problem related to the passage of urine. I was eventually operated upon, and all seemed fine for the next 16-17 years.


Then one day I developed a disease that involved vomiting every day, severe acne on the face, breathlessness while walking and perpetual fatigue that led to lot of drowsiness all the time. The doctor gave me medicines for stopping the vomiting and for energizing my body. However, my condition only got worse. I continued to sleep off while attending classes at school. The doctor then administered high dose injections to me since the pills were ineffective. While there was immediate relief, but the problem would soon come back with even more force. We had already exhausted tests like endoscopy, but no one could exactly pinpoint the disease I had. One day, as a reaction to a very high-dose injection, I got cramps on one side of my face.  I had become mentally disturbed by then.

Fortunately for me, a friend showed me the kidney-recovery experience of Vyankatesh Gotram in one of the monthly newsletters. So I promptly called him to understand the method of Tap Seva Sumiran (TSS) (contact: 7875437688). He explained the sadhna to me and introduced me to S N Patil Sir (contact: 9422511188), who further elaborated on it. After performing tuladaan, I ate only raw (uncooked) meals for 21 days and did enema twice daily.


Soon I participated in a seven-day health camp at Pune where Dr. Gopal Shastri asked me to stop thinking about my disease altogether. He explained to me the relevance of eating a full meal only once a day. The big take away from that camp was also an understanding of Seva (selfless service) and Sumiran (meditation). So I distributed clothes (as in, distributed something from the material goods I had) and started tithing regularly from whatever money I had. I tried to meditate regularly as well. Overall, I did three of these health camps and got some amazing results at all levels.

In October 2018, I went for Navratri fasting to Meerut Ashram. It was a great experience to fast on juices on all the days. Today, I am proud to share with you that I do not take any kind of medication; my vomiting issues stopped long back and there is no tiredness or fatigue in my body.


All I want to say in the end is that any determined person can purify their thoughts and diet and become fully healthy. Allopathic medicines are very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Manoj Gaudana – 9879434544

My name is Manoj Gaudana (Age 52). I live in Junagarh, Gujarat.

Seven to eight years before, I had an absolutely spoiled life. My weight was 107 kg, and was short-tempered. My business was of lending money. In that business, I was rowdy and even my friend-circle was not good. I used to eat five times a day. I thought that I had a happy life, though I had no clue as to what real happiness was.

In the year 2008, I found that there was going to be a spiritual camp (Satsang), which would also address health issues. I was not interested in spiritualism but when my friend told me that there would be provision for food and all, I thought I should attend it for the eatables and for the sake of recreation. When I went there, I learnt that in seven days, through Tap-Seva-Sumiran practices, we can experience a change in our lives. After listening to Dr. Gopal Shastri and other eminent speakers, I felt quite good. I thought of experimenting practices for seven days with the idea of losing weight. After returning home, I followed the practices, despite opposition from the inmates, as I was benefiting. I started losing weight and I dedicated myself even more to Sadhana (practices). I attended all the programmes (of Tap-Seva-Sumiran) in Junagarh. I observed amazing transformation, not only in my body but also in my thought process. My selfishness, ego, greed etc got diminished.

After observing the transformation in me, my wife and children also joined. I also participated in the 2010 fasting foot march from Somnath to Dwarka. During that fasting, all the waste got cleared out from the body. Since then I completely devoted myself in Sadhana. I started offering one-tenth of my income in God’s service, honestly and also started practicing meditation. Thereafter, many miracles took place. I had a dispute with my brother. In meditation, I asked his forgiveness and forgave him too. And as a result, he himself called me on phone after these many years. Today my life is completely happy and healthy due to Tap-Seva-Sumiran.

My daughter’s weight was 120 at the age of 15-16, which has now reduced to 92 kg, while my weight has reduced from 107 to 70  kg.

In my heart, God’s faith, His service, love has increased. Tap-Seva-Sumiran practices are very simple and exhibit their influence in a short time. Today, my family’s happiness is a result of these practices. I try to spread and propagate this Sadhana, however possible. I am grateful to revered Malti Maa, Dr. Gopal Shastri, and other eminent followers who have guided me on this path.

Manjula Shewale – 9960099745

My name is Manjula Shewale. I am 65-years-old and I live in Nasik, Maharashtra. In 1999, I had a heart attack when the doctors informed me that the valve of my heart had thickened. I did not take it seriously then. Soon afterwards, I got blood pressure for which I instantly sought medicines. Since the day I started taking pills, my health started deteriorating. I could not walk ten steps without sweating profusely. Afraid, I resorted to not walking anymore and lying in bed instead, sometimes for as long as three days at a stretch. Whenever I would get up and try to get a little active, I would get very anxious. I had a feeling that I had started forgetting things as well. In fact, I used to fear arrival of guests at home because I was not comfortable seeking help from near and dear ones in front of them. Besides, I could not host them myself anymore so I became aloof and disliked having visitors altogether. My routine had largely become sedentary due to which I gained weight and experienced increased acidity as well.

I tried various methods to seek health like Baba Ramdev’s treatment. I also went to Karnataka for naturopathy treatment and spent Rs. 25000 there. It made me feel better for about six months but things deteriorated again. My knees had swollen and started paining so any activity involving the legs became a problem also. Then I resorted to Ayurveda and purchased herbal medicines worth Rs 35,000.Although I did loose 3kg weight but I simultaneously started feeling weak. Someone suggested the jeevanrekha method of treatment to me so I went for that and spent Rs 3,500 more on medicines. That treatment continued for eight months but it did not benefit me much although I did it wholeheartedly. Then I purchased a special ceragem bed to comfort my body posture. That cost me an additional Rs 1,50,000. At the end, I felt mentally, physically and financially exhausted. Besides, I felt life was so depressing because nothing could improve my health despite all the sincere efforts I had put in.

An astrologer by the name of Ashok Baviskar lives in my neighbourhood. I visited him one day to show him my grandson’s horoscope. Utterly surprised to see him sporting a lean and seemingly fit body, I could not resist but ask him his secret as one was used to seeing him suffering from diseases and obesity before. He explained to me the principles of Tap-Seva-Sumiran (TSS) besides offering me green leaf juice and some basic books to read. My son and daughter-in-law had also accompanied me there and were thrilled to hear that I could also get cured; that there was still some hope left for me.

That day Ashokji introduced me to senior TSS practitioner Patilji telephonically. Soon I met him in person and understood TSS from him. I immediately purchased a pot enema and subscribed to TSS newsletter as well. When I came home, I started practicing as much as I could. The results were very positive so in August 2015, I joined a seven-day health camp at Khamgaon. That was the turning point in my life as I instantly gave up all the medicines and focused on the things I had to do to restore my health and peace of mind. One of things I did immediately was that I started tithing. Besides, from the money that was being saved from doctors and prescription medication, a lot was consciously diverted towards benefitting others in some form of Seva or another.

Fortunately I had an understanding of Sumiran from before. But due to my health condition, I wasn’t able to comfortably meditate. So Sumiran also resumed and again became an essential part of my life. Subsequently, I did five TSS camps, including the Navratri fasting camp. The result was that my health improved dramatically. I lost 11 kg weight. My BP, depression, knee pains, sleeplessness and anxiety, all vanished. I can easily fold my legs and sit down now. I can do all the household work and have regained all activity even out of home.

I am so happy to share that after getting well, I have climbed 350 stairs at Saptashrungi Garh, Nasik and 250 stairs at Sajjangarh. My entire family and all my friends are surprised at the positive changes in my life. Many come to me for motivation and guidance that I offer most joyously. Even my son got cured of his diabetes because he started following TSS. My entire household has turned around with family members trying to follow TSS. All of us immediately quit tea and milk since my treatment started as a first step in the right direction.

I hope that many more people learn from TSS and make their lives meaningful and give it some purpose, like I could after connecting with other practitioners. I wish all the readers good health and prosperity.

Dr. Anil Agarwal – 9326275997

Myself Dr. Anil Agarwal, MS, resident of Amravati. For past two  years, I was suffering from acute multiple joints pain. Though I am a doctor, but I was not able to do anything to treat it. First I started with allopathic treatment, but there was no relief. After disappointment with allopathy, I looked to homoeopathy. There also I got no relief and the disease aggravated further. Then I went to Hyderabad for a special treatment. I found some relief I was taking medicines for long but again the pain was same as earlier.

All types of medicines antibiotics, antacids, analgesic injections etc were tried. Due to side effect of medicines ,  now I had a regular swelling in my legs and my BP stepped up to higher levels. So BP medicines were started. I was not able to sleep due to  pain so sleeping pills were given.  Being well aware of the ill effects of medicines, though unreluctant to go for medicines, I was forced by circumstances into the vicious cycle of medicines.

In January 2015, I got news about a camp of ‘Tap-Seva-Sumiran’.  I joined it. There I came to know about the secret of healthy life. Being a doctor, I was familiar with medicines but almost unknown to diet, health and body.  In the camp, I was introduced to a new dietary system and I followed it literally. I stopped morning tea, breakfast and instead I started juice at 11 AM.  In place of cooked food in the afternoon, I ate raw vegetables, salad and fruits. I had meal only at night which had more vegetables and less grains. Due to joint pain, I used to take bath with warm water, now I started taking bath with cold water.  This made a steady progress in my health, the weight got reduced. The acidity problem was completely gone.  In a few months, BP was normal.

Now I have stopped all types of medicines. Joint pain, swelling etc are cured.  Under guidance of Dr. Gopal Shashtri  I observed a 31 days fast on uncooked meals and a 21 days fast on juice. By the cleansing power of enema, I now feel more energized. I did not suffer from cold and cough for a year.  Now I go for a 2 KM walk daily and attend to all my work myself.  Earlier I was not able to ride a 2-wheeler but now I can. Now I enjoy sound sleep at night without any sleeping pills.

I regularly sit for meditation twice in a day. Distribution has increased my joy and self confidence .

I have received full cooperation from Dr. Shashtri and senior members of ‘Nirog Samstha’, Amravati. I express my gratitude to all and wish to have a message for the society that
they should join ‘Tap-Seva-Sumiran’ and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Devendra Agrawal – 7304311111

Myself Devendra Agrawal (49 years old) working in Akola, Maharashtra. I have completed MA, M.Com, MBA, MSW, CJ and LLB. I have been suffering from severe asthma since the age of 16 years. I often remained awake at night coughing and my family, especially my wife, would stay awake with me. This was a very inconvenient experience personally and to see my family suffer because of me really added to my pain. I had been taking medication for diabetes also since the last four years.

I tried all possible treatments for asthma but nothing worked. Most doctors said that asthma has no permanent cure and that I will have to suffer it throughout life. I had become hopeless and started feeling that there was no treatment for me.  One day I gave up all the medicines because I became so sick of consuming them. That heightened my physical discomfort a lot. The only thing I did was to pray to God to show me a way to health and overall well being. I promised myself on 1st January 2016 that I would devote this year to the pursuit of my health and peace of mind.

Fortunately for me, in the same month I got to know about Dr. Gopal’s seven-day health camp at Akola. I had no hope of relief  from a lifestyle inspired by Ram  Charitmanas but still I went ahead.

Before coming to this health camp, I had no idea that ill health had everything to do with one’s diet. Except for avoiding two-three things in my diet, I used to eat everything else and quite often. In fact, most of my meals involved eating out with friends at hotels on 300 days in a year. I loved rice so especially ate a lot of that. I used to eat snacks and full cooked meals at least twice a day.

As the health camp progressed, I realized that my prayers had been answered. It was a magical opportunity for transforming my life. My sugar levels had returned to normal in seven days itself. What we did for that week involved enema, kunjar kriya, light exercise and a diet comprising a variety of vegetables, fruits, green juices, and a variety of salads, chutneys and meals.

What I appreciate most about the camp is that causes of diseases were discussed in a scientific way– something that is usually not discussed anywhere else, not like this.

So when I returned home, I stopped eating roti and rice (grains) altogether. From January to May 2016, I ate only juices/fruit/salad and boiled vegetables. I was very regular with enema. Seva and Sumiran also became regular. As a result, my weight reduced from 90 kgs to 67 kgs. Not only that, I did not get even a single asthma attack in the last 10 months. In fact, I feel so healthy that once I had to travel through 3-degree Celsius temperature but I managed myself well without much discomfort.

Special experience of Air fasting and its benefits: After experiencing the health benefits firsthand at the seven-day camp, I fasted on lemon water during the subsequent Navratri in April 2016. Inspired by the positive results, I fasted on just air in the October Navratri of 2016. I felt a different energy surge in myself during the fasting period. I did not feel any weakness, nor did I feel hungry or thirsty. My body felt so light as if it was in air. My skin shined and stomach had become very soft. During the fasting period, I also successfully travelled for business two-three times without any physical discomfort.

I am very grateful to God for introducing me to a way to health and happiness that has benefitted my entire family. I wish that many more people came out of their miseries through TSS.

Trikam Bhai Bhalsod – 9974063094

I am Trikam Bhai Bhalsod, retired Asst. Collector, and age 91 years. seven years back, I was suffering from hypertension, diabetes, severe skin disease, prostate problems (even after two operations) and knee joint pain. I was taking medicines for high BP (Two tablets a time, of maximum dose available, 300mg), diabetes and for knee pain. Doctor had advised me knee replacement for both knees costing 4 lacs and suffering does not stop here, I was confined to house and most of the time to bed due to severe hyper tension and prostate problem. For prostate, there was need of third operation but doctor refused due to old age. All this caused severe distress and tension to me and my family. Though my family took good care of me but because of me they too were not able to go anywhere. Hence, I saw no purpose to live and used to pray to God to end my life, I do not want to live any more, it is better to die than to live like this. This was my mental state.

But to my luck, in 2011, I got an opportunity to read Tap-Seva-Sumiran literature. In that book, I got contact number of few sadhaks, I contacted them and they inspired and motivated me. I started sadhana; I changed my eating habits and adopted Ideal Dietary System, fasting till 1 pm, juice and salad in afternoon, fruits in evening and one full meal at night. I stopped taking tea and milk. To clean colon, I started enema.

As a result of all this, in three month time I got 80 percent relief and after a year I was 100 percent cured. I did not need medicines any more. To understand sadhana better, I came to Meerut centre (ashram) during navratra camp and did fasting on lime water, and got an opportunity to understand seva and sumiran. After that I realized that importance and significance of this sadhana. I got inner peace and happiness, now I pray to God that I wish to live 100 years and I know this is not difficult.
Prior to this sadhana, I weighed 80 kg; now my weight is 53 kg. Today my entire family is following this Manas Yog Sadhana based on the principles of Tap-Seva-Sumiran. Now there is no tension or worry in life, rather life is full of Divine Love and Grace.