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Sandeep Gadadare – 9146457512


My name is Sandeep Gadadare. I am a 27-year-old engineer from Pune, Maharashtra. My health problems began after I started working and could not keep a tab on my eating habits and lifestyle. It came as no surprise to anyone when I eventually put on so much weight that at one point, I weighed 90 kgs.


I started feeling depressed because of the way I had become and took medicine for it. Unfortunately, that
did not help me much because I ended up getting sicker with chronic indigestion, acidity, constipation,
cough and cold for 3-4 months at a stretch and so on. That led me to consuming more medicines for every
disease, every time. The frequent visits to the hospital, the consistent feeling of being unwell and limited,
everything added to my depression and I was caught in a negative, vicious cycle, where I kept falling sick
and that in turn aggravated my depression and physical sickness.

More specifically, in the month of June 2018, I was diagnosed with dengue for which I had to consume a lot
of medicines apart from the others that I was taking. After I recovered from dengue, I caught swine flu
when I was kept in the ICU for ten days. On an average, I spent 4-5k on hospital bills every month, on one
pretext or another.

Apart from allopathy, I tried every other healing pathy that I could possibly try like yoga, Panchkarma and
Ayurveda, naturopathy etc. I used to even have 2 liters of water every morning with triphala churna. The
doctors had asked me to ‘eat well’ which meant that I consumed a double breakfast, double king-size meal,
lots of milk and tea on a daily basis.

Luckily, I happened to meet a senior Tap-Seva-Sumiran (TSS) practitioner Jyoti Mahorkar ji in Pune who
changed my life. She advised that I could never gain health if I didn’t stop taking medicine. Soon after, I
ended up attending a three-day TSS camp in February 2019. While I did have medicine on the first day, but
from the second day onwards, I stopped taking it. As I heard more and more about TSS, my own
understanding of how our body system works improved dramatically as I fasted along with everyone else at
the camp.

On returning home, for the next seven days, I practiced kunjar and enema two times a day. I was shocked
because after kunjar kriya I expelled at least two glasses of cough! I realized that it was this cough/phlegm
that was causing so much trouble inside of me. I also had brought along inspiring literature from the camp
that I read and re-read, some at least five times, to get a strong understanding of what TSS was all about.
Other than practicing kunjar and enema, I fasted on lemon water only for five days and on the remaining
days I ate raw during day and one cooked meal at night. But this was just the diet or Tap part. I also gave
attention to the Seva (service) and Sumiran (meditation) wherein I learnt to give away one-tenth of my
earning, one-fourth of the food I consumed, and one hour of selfless service for others on a daily basis. This
new lifestyle also included daily meditation.
It sounds quite dramatic, but it is true that I lost 15 kgs in 15 days. After 40 days of self-experimenting as
per TSS guidelines, my weight reduced by 22 kgs. Along with loss of weight, I also lost all the depression.
Now when I go to the park in the morning, people get so inspired to see the positive change in me. I enjoy
myself a lot when I am able to inspire large numbers of people to follow TSS as it is ‘a complete package of
health and happiness’.

Manoj Gaudana – 9879434544

My name is Manoj Gaudana (Age 52). I live in Junagarh, Gujarat.

Seven to eight years before, I had an absolutely spoiled life. My weight was 107 kg, and was short-tempered. My business was of lending money. In that business, I was rowdy and even my friend-circle was not good. I used to eat five times a day. I thought that I had a happy life, though I had no clue as to what real happiness was.

In the year 2008, I found that there was going to be a spiritual camp (Satsang), which would also address health issues. I was not interested in spiritualism but when my friend told me that there would be provision for food and all, I thought I should attend it for the eatables and for the sake of recreation. When I went there, I learnt that in seven days, through Tap-Seva-Sumiran practices, we can experience a change in our lives. After listening to Dr. Gopal Shastri and other eminent speakers, I felt quite good. I thought of experimenting practices for seven days with the idea of losing weight. After returning home, I followed the practices, despite opposition from the inmates, as I was benefiting. I started losing weight and I dedicated myself even more to Sadhana (practices). I attended all the programmes (of Tap-Seva-Sumiran) in Junagarh. I observed amazing transformation, not only in my body but also in my thought process. My selfishness, ego, greed etc got diminished.

After observing the transformation in me, my wife and children also joined. I also participated in the 2010 fasting foot march from Somnath to Dwarka. During that fasting, all the waste got cleared out from the body. Since then I completely devoted myself in Sadhana. I started offering one-tenth of my income in God’s service, honestly and also started practicing meditation. Thereafter, many miracles took place. I had a dispute with my brother. In meditation, I asked his forgiveness and forgave him too. And as a result, he himself called me on phone after these many years. Today my life is completely happy and healthy due to Tap-Seva-Sumiran.

My daughter’s weight was 120 at the age of 15-16, which has now reduced to 92 kg, while my weight has reduced from 107 to 70  kg.

In my heart, God’s faith, His service, love has increased. Tap-Seva-Sumiran practices are very simple and exhibit their influence in a short time. Today, my family’s happiness is a result of these practices. I try to spread and propagate this Sadhana, however possible. I am grateful to revered Malti Maa, Dr. Gopal Shastri, and other eminent followers who have guided me on this path.