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Creation is based on fundamental laws. The world is a cosmos, not a chaos. It is governed by inexorable laws. If we abide by them we are happy; if we violate them we suffer. Happiness can come to us only in proportion to the joy we give to others. As we are always out to get happiness through our ten senses, we must set apart at least one-tenth of our income to give to others. Thus giving 10% is essential. Now the question arises whom to give? Here again the law of ‘Give and Take’ is to be applied. We must give to the source (person or institution) that has removed our ignorance and given us the light of truth which vanishes every form of suffering. Giving to the poor creates a sense of ego which vitiates the act of giving. If somebody wants to give to the poor, he can give out of the remaining 90% but it is always better to teach distribution along with giving.

Benefits of Seva-

  •  Desires and attachments, that cause mental tension, would disappear.
  •  Discriminate distribution would reduce ego, resulting in the elevation of consciousness for being nearer to God.
  •  Universal love would be manifested.
  •  Prosperity would increase.
  •  Abiding mental peace with joy and ecstasy would be achieved.