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Abiding Happiness

IASSSevaAbiding Happiness
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Happiness At Emotional Plane

On the emotional plane the Spirit, which resides in your body, is a reservoir of happiness and bliss. It is dominated or covered by desires and attachments.

Senses, when coming in contact with objects of this world, produce desires in the mind. If desires are fulfilled, one develops attachments. If not fulfilled, then mental tensions and worry are produced.

Contrary to the common belief that money provides happiness, money provides purchasing power only. The way to attain happiness and bliss is by offering selfless service to God. This is why all Holy Scriptures speak about sharing 10% of all income with God without any expectation of return.

Your service to God is to be given with money, time, clothing, food and all other belongings. Priority is to be given to God. Those who give second place to God give Him no place at all. The percentage given has to be 10% as ten is the number of increase and one enjoys pleasures of this world through ten senses.

When giving to God, feeling is most important. You should have a cheerful heart. Where to give is further important. You should give to the place, person, or organization from where you are receiving your spiritual nourishment.

By following this aspect of Sadhana the mind shall become independent of all circumstances and you shall manifest inner bliss.