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Abundant Prosperity

IASSSevaAbundant Prosperity
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Abundant Prosperity

It has been the experience of devotees the world over that those who have adopted ‘give and take’ as a principle in their lives have been blessed with peace and prosperity.

The American multimillionaires, Colgate and Rockefeller, were ordinary people at the beginning of their career. They progressed fast when they took to ‘give and take’ in a religious spirit. Afterword Colgate used to spend not only one-tenth in the Lord’s service but a great portion of his income.

Let it be made very clear that the cause of the success of these men is not any Divine favor or grace. Also, those who do not give are certainly punished. Giving is as necessary for man as water for the tree. The cause of the giver’s good life or prosperity is contacted with the Divine and His laws, which nourish his life on all fronts. So only in a very limited sense, we can say that giving is a firm and faithful investment. If we put some seeds in a field, it is returned to us manifold in accordance with the laws of nature. How great would be the return to those who put themselves and they’re all in the service of the Lord!

Modern American saints have said that in the days of the worst financial crises in history, those who tithed were never in want. So, when you feel you are not in a position to tithe, that is the time when you must give in any way.

When an earthly father cannot see his children in want or trouble, how can the heavenly Father do so? We are owners of His infinite inheritance. As His sons, we are spiritual entities and we have the power to change our circumstances and environment.

Let us watch our lives after giving the first priority to tithing. Giving is proof of your faith in the Lord which will enable you to lead noble, fearless lives.

Jesus Christ firmly said-


The Holy Bhagwat Gita has held out the assurance that devotees who worship the Lord in all beings, thinking that there is nothing else and none else besides Him, God personally attends to the devotee’s needs and also ensures the security of what they have-


Kabir said that wealth is not diminished by giving just as the water of the flowing river never stops.

If you believe that the Lord is the source of your supply, it will never fall short of your needs. It will always come to you much in advance and will be more than what you need. Giving and receiving are the two ends of an unceasing process.
Prophet Mohammed and Lord Jesus Christ advised people not to worry about the needs of tomorrow for those are in God’s hands.

God is an infinite reservoir of wealth. Goddess Laxmi is considered to be His wife. Thus one must have abundant prosperity. Poverty is a sin, an undesired experience and a proof of separation from God. One shall attain prosperity if God is made a real partner in life through giving.