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It is the stoppage of mind to come into contact with the Being. One has to sit at least three times a day for twenty minutes each and may adopt any process of meditation.

Benefits of meditation

  • Ego will disappear.
  • Reduction of mental tension, resentment, hatred and jealousy etc.
  • Elevation of consciousness.
  • Health is improved as
    (a) quality of juices like bile, pancreatic and gastric etc. shall improve.
    (b) digestion, assimilation and elimination would become better.

Thus Tap-Seva-Sumiran is a fool-proof method for the achievement of integrated development of the body, mind and soul.

All the aspirants (sadhaks) of the International Association for Scientific Spiritualism are practising this philosophy under the divine guidance of Rev. ‘Yogi Ji’.

Scientific research has proved the authenticity of this philosophy.