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Profound Knowledge

IASSSumiranProfound Knowledge
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Intellectual Plane

On the intellectual plane the Spirit, which resides within your body, is a reservoir of illumination or absolute knowledge. It is dominated or covered by the ego.

Most people tend to believe that knowledge or illumination is attained from books. Yet, this is not true. To experience true knowledge and illumination one must change their thinking to believe that books are information giving only and not knowledge imparting and then follow Sumiran on the path of our triad Sadhana.

Sumiran is methodical meditation. Through meditation, when your senses, mind and intellect stop, your consciousness enters into a divine area, the super-conscious state and then inner illumination is experienced. This is when you establish direct contact with God, the Self, resulting in elimination of ego which frees you from the bondage of actions and profound illumination is achieved.