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It is to be totally eradicated from our mind that food is the source of energy. In fact food is only a body-building material. Body is built up-to the age of 25. However, the replacement of broken cells continues from birth till death. Thus the requirement of the quantity of food is substantially less after the age of 25. To achieve the goal of a disease-free body, particularly after 25, following norms may be adopted.

No morning breakfast.Around 12 noon fruit juice or vegetable soup should be taken.

At lunch time (12 to 1:30p.m.) only salad and fruits should be taken.

At night only one meal consisting of vegetables, grains, pulses, rice, bread should be taken. Quantity of vegetables should be substantial.

The quantity of food depends upon the type of work sedentary, moderate or hard.
Fasting is necessary once a week with very light meals at preceding night.

During Navratra twice a year, 8 days fast must be observed.
This type of Tap (fasting) was observed by all citizens of Ayodhya.

Benefits of Tap-

  • Purifies the body.
  • Prevents diseases.
  • Increases physical strength.
  • Reduces cholesterol.
  • Improves functions of all the organs.
  • Mind becomes tension-free.
  • Brings about detachment.
  • Helps in Meditation.
  • Uplifts consciousness .