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Unfailing Health

IASSTapUnfailing Health
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Physical Plane

On the physical plane the Spirit, which resides within your body, is a reservoir of health. Perfect health is a normal condition of the body known as ease. A disease is a condition other than ease.

The Hindi word swasthya is used for health, which means to get established in Self or God. Self is the reservoir of health.

Health is covered by impurities, which are produced in various organs and places in the body through the waste materials of food and also through mental tensions. As the waste materials accumulate they eventually produce symptoms of some type of disease and then one run to the doctor expecting medicines to restore their body back to perfect health.

Yet, the plain truth is that medicines are palliative, not curative. The only way to attain perfect health is through proper eating so that impurities are not accumulated. By eating properly one will attain what we call perfect Divine health. Just click on the dietary system icon and you will see what we call the perfect dietary system. It has been tried, tested and proven through medical research.

It is important to remember that the cause of a disease is not germs as is popularly believed. Germs are born where their food is available and the food for germs is the impurities in one’s body.

By following our perfect dietary system, impurity accumulation in the body will be minimized thereby diseases removed and perfect Divine health achieved.