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Kunjar (Vomit)

IASSUnfailing HealthKunjar (Vomit)
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Kunjar (Vomit) is a therapy for cleaning of impurities and unwanted extras from the body. To do this activity, you are required to sit in a sitting squatting position. Then mix table salt in drinkable lukewarm water and drink 5-6 glasses of water in a go. Continue drinking till that point of time, when you feel pukish.

As soon as you feel this, get up and stand in a bending position with upper body parallel to the ground and keep left hand on the stomach with a light pressure towards the stomach. Use your right hand, by putting in 3 fingers in your mouth to stimulate the flow to water, that you have just drunk, outwards. As soon as water, now mixed with your bodily impurities start coming out with force, remove your fingers and puke. Repeat the step as many times till the whole amount of water comes out and you no longer feel pukish.

This practice helps the body clear the impurities scattered in the stomach. A cough, acids, gas, along with undigested food will all get removed during this activity. This is extremely useful for people suffering from asthma, acidity, fever, constipation, cold and cough. People who have acidic tendency should do this at regular time intervals to see miraculous results. Removal of a cough will help cure a cold and cough and also breathing problems. This is also useful for instant relief in a headache and other digestive system born diseases.

Note: Patients suffering from high Blood pressure or other heart diseases are advised not to put salt in the water during this activity.