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Role Of Food

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Dietary System

The perfect dietary system recommend by IASS is tried, tested, proven and the results are perfect health and vibrant vitality. However, to achieve such results you must follow the system.

After the age of 25 when body growth stops, bodybuilding material (food) must be reduced. Fruitarian diet (Salads and fruits) in Lunch and one Main Meal (Cereals and Vegetables) in dinner may be taken. Thousands of persons in many countries who have adopted this dietary system, are becoming disease-free and are enjoying better health and vitality.

(i) On Air for days (ii) On Water for weeks
(iii) On Fruits for months (iv) On One Main Meal a day all our lives.

To follow the system it is important to have clarity in thought about the purpose, time, quantity and quality of your food.

Food simply builds tissues and replaces them whenever they are worn out due to growth or activity.

As found in the Sri Ramcharitmanas as is allegorized by Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the vital power performs three distinct activities at separate time periods. These three time periods are:

Period of Mahesh:
(The god of Elimination or Destruction of Evil): 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon – This time is meant for the elimination of impurities from the body. This is why most of the cleansing takes place in the morning. Therefore nothing should be taken during this time.

Period of Braham: 
(The God of Creation or Creative Activities): 12:00 noon to 8:00 p.m. – This is the time for all activities of the body to take place including both physical and mental. During this time food should be taken that produces very little strain on the digestive system.

Period of Vishnu:
(The god of Nourishment or Maintenance): 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. – During this time the body requires full rest and sleep to allow proper digestion so that the body receives sufficient nourishment for the repair of its broken tissues from the day’s activities. Therefore the best time to take the main full meal is at the beginning of this period.

The quantity of food is directly related to the amount of wear and tear of its tissues.

Therefore the amount of food required depends upon:

1. Your age
2. The work you perform
3. Amount of wear and tear of tissues
4. The state of purity of your body

If you are below 25 the dietary plan will be different than that for a person over 25.

The source of energy is within your body. Therefore all you have to do is remove the various layers of impurities in the body that are obstructing its manifestation of inexhaustible energy. It is important to note that those foods which create more impurities must be reduced and larger quantities of food must be taken that a) produce fewer impurities or b) after metabolism are simple and easy for the excretory organs to expel.

There are numerous classifications of food, but the source used by IASS is the ancient Indian Holy text Sri Ramcharitmanas.

The following couplet shows that the human body is constituted of five elements:
CHITI JAL PAWAK GAGAN SAMEERA. PANCH RACHIT YEH ADHAM SAREERA. (Kishkindha 11/2) The body is made up of five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether.

Realizing this, your food should consist of the same five elements:

1. Earth element is the lowest order of the food categories. It is present in cereals and contains the maximum amount of carbohydrates with sufficient quantities of proteins and fats. Cereals produce the maximum percentage of impurities in the blood and should be taken in lesser quantities. Included here are the dicotyledons such as pulses which are on a lower scale then the monocotyledons such as wheat and rice.

2. Water element is higher than the earth element and is found in vegetables. They produce lesser impurities than cereals. Included here are tubers like potatoes, which occupy a lower place than green vegetables.

3. Fire element is higher in the category of food than vegetables and produces lesser impurities. It is present in fruits and obtains its properties from the sun. The juicy fruits are higher than the pulpy ones.

4. Air element is the highest category of food and is represented by leaves which derive its properties from the air. Since air is the most subtle element it produces very little impurities, if any in the blood.

5. Ether element is not a food and pervades the entire universe. This indicates abstinence from food and is obtained by the body through rational fasting.

Animal flesh foods, eggs and milk, produce the maximum amount of impurities. The products left after metabolism to be expelled out of the body put a great strain on the excretory organs. Therefore, they are considered unsuitable for human consumption. It may be noted that the vital power inside is more important than the building material outside. If the vital power is made strong through following a fasting program, then if poor food material is taken, it shall create no harm. The system shall be able to clean it without any difficulty.

In this modern age, undue importance is attached to the constituents of the food taken instead of their effect on the human system. It is more important to look at the aspect of how food is digested and excreted so that the body can be free from disease and at the same time maintain health and vitality.

From the hand chart you can see how easy it is to follow this dietary system. Thousands of people worldwide who have adopted this dietary system are becoming disease-free and enjoying health and vitality.