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What Is Health

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What Is Health ?

The Sanskrit word for health is ‘Swasthya’ which means “to remain established in Self.” The Self is the Spirit, an infinite reservoir of health, energy, happiness, knowledge, and love. Thus ‘health’ is not only physical but it includes the health of mind and intellect also.

However, on a physical plane, the definition of health is “A body without disease”. Ease is a normal condition of a body but a disease is other than ease.

How to know that the particular body is healthy? No measurement for health has been set by medical science. I.A.S.S. has its unique concept to measure whether one is healthy. Put the body on fasting, see how many abnormalities, fatigue and tiredness, one is feeling, the more one is diseased. The abnormalities are because of the presence of impurities in a body which may be in various forms including toxemia and acidity. It is said, “Any abnormal symptom of an empty stomach is never due to the lack of food but always due to the presence of impurities.”

Through rational fasting and proper diet, the body can be cleaned.