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Vibrant Vitality

IASSTapVibrant Vitality
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Vital Plane

On the vital plane the Spirit, which resides in your body, is a reservoir of energy. This energy manifests as vibrant. The energy which is obtained through charging during sleep is covered by acidity and other toxins. If there is a large amount of acidity in your body, the senses are affected. If alkaline food intake is increased and acidic food is reduced, then vibrant vitality is experienced.

As is generally believed, food is not the source of energy. It is body building material only. The source of energy is Spirit through which the body is charged during sleep; this phenomenon is similar to the charging of an electric storage battery when put to an electric line.

Realizing this, then morning breakfast is not required because the reason most people take breakfast is to provide energy until lunch is taken. If you look at the dietary system followed by the followers of the triad Sadhana taught by IASS you will see that there is no food intake until 12 noon.

By following the no breakfast plan, impurities are dissolved, neutralized, or burnt in the system. This is part of a rational fasting program.

Fasting is the most important tool for cleansing the system. The vital power digests the food when it is put into the stomach and cleanses the system when food is stopped by observing fasting.

While fasting it is important to use a daily enema for cleansing of the colon. About 250 ml of simple tap water may be put into the colon, preferably in the evening, one half hour before eating any snacks. This will clear many toxins from your body including acidity.

By following the triad Sadhana of Tap-Seva-Sumiran, you will achieve vibrant vitality.