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Beets contain Potassium, iron, sodium, and manganese. Greater benefit is obtained when the Beet is eaten RAW. The top of beets are rich in manganese which makes iron content valuable in nourishing the liver and the red corpuscles of the blood.

Raw beets and their JUICES are effective in regulating the menstrual periods and premature menopause as well as constipation. This is one of the most valuable juices for toning up the blood generally. It is advisable to drink 1C (8 Ounce) per day until the body is able to tolerate more of it.

The combination of carrot and beet juice furnishes a good percentage of phosphorous and sulphur also potassium and other alkaline elements, which, together with vitamin A is the best natural builder of the blood cells and particularly the red blood corpuscles. The proportion of beet juice and carrot juice can be 1:1.


Cabbage has wonderful cleansing and reducing properties. Cabbage is high in sulpher and chlorine content and relatively large percentage of iodine. Duodenal ulcers have responded almost miraculously to the drinking of cabbage juice. Constipation, the primary cause of skin eruptions, these have also been cleared up with the judicious use of this juice.

The addition of salt, sugar or vinegar to cabbage or its juice not only destroys its value but it is also harmful, gravely irritates the digestive tract. One hundred and twenty pounds of cooked or canned cabbage could not furnish the same vital organic food value that is assimilated from drinking one-half pint of straight raw cabbage juice when properly prepared. It is advisable to drink 1C (8 oz) per day.

The flatulency experienced after having cabbage or its juice is usually due to improper mastication and the presence of waste matter in the stomach and intestinal tract. The cleansing effect is to stir up this debris, frequently generating uncomfortable amount of gas in the process. Enemas and colonic irrigations have to remove both this excessive gases and the waste matter causing it.

The combination of raw carrot juice with cabbage juice is the excellent source of Vitamin C as a cleansing medium, acting particularly on the infections of gums, resulting in pyorrhea.


Carrots are undoubtedly the complete food. Raw carrots that are allowed to grow in ground for nearly five months, contains all the elements and all vitamins that are required by the human body. Fresh carrots contain more than 87% water. About 37% of the total mineral content is Potassium, with great amount of sodium and calcium, also contains good percentage of iron, magnesium and manganese. The cleansing elements, sulphur and chlorine, are present in ample proportions. Phosphorus, the brain food is nearly 13 %.

Carotene, part of carrot, contains the finest quality of Vitamin A that the body can assimilate. Carrots contain ample supply of Vitamins B, C, D, E, G, and K.

Raw carrot juice stands supreme. It can be taken indefinitely in any reasonable quantities. It helps to normalize the entire system. It is wonderful cleanser of bile and waste matter that are coagulated in the liver as a result of years of wrong eating. It thus, promotes the appetite and is an aid to digestion.

It aids in improvement and maintenance of the bone structure of teeth.

Nursing mothers should drink carrot juice to enhance the quality of their milk. Two Cups of carrot juice, daily, has more constructive value than 25 pounds of calcium tablets.


This food is richest in sodium chloride, organic common salt. It contains 95% water. It also has valuable ingredient of insulin. The rich magnesium and iron content furnishes valuable nourishment for the blood cells. Organic sodium maintains fluidity of blood and lymph by preventing them from thickening.

Concentrated starches leaves deposits of inorganic calcium, which clog the system resulting in stones, diabetes and other problems. The sodium maintains inorganic calcium in solution until it is eliminated from the body.

In hot weathers two cups of fresh celery juice ensures precaution from heat. People with nervous disorders and sleeplessness become calm and composed. It has sobering qualities and this is an antidote to alcoholic indulgences.


Cucumbers and its juices are rich in minerals like potassium, iron, magnesium and also, silicon and fluorine. It is the best natural diuretic known, secreting and promoting the flow of urine. They are of benefit to the gall bladder, the liver and the kidneys. The high silicon and fluorine content helps in maintaining hair, teeth and nails. They are also helpful in conditions of high and low blood pressure.


Lettuce and its juice have vitalizing powers in the muscular tissues, brain, and nerves. Organic magnesium in lettuce is cell builders of the nervous system and tissues of the lungs. It also helps in maintaining the normal fluidity of the blood and assist in metabolism.

Combination of carrot, lettuce, and spinach juice furnish complete food to the roots and nerves of the hair. This juice brings relief to those suffering from tuberculosis and gastric disturbances. It is also a valuable diuretic.

Because of its richness in iron and other vital elements it can be given to infants with carrot juice.


Papaya contains ‘papain’ which same digestive effect as pepsin in our digestive processes. It also contains fibrin, a rare element found only in the body of animals and man. It thus, stimulates appetite and secretion of the digestive juices. It helps in coagulation or clotting of blood.

The green, unripe papaya has more active papain enzymes than the ripe. Its juice has helped in correcting intestinal disorders, including ulcers.


In raw spinach, Nature has furnished man with the finest organic material for cleaning, reconstruction, and regeneration of the intestinal tract. When spinach is cooked, all principle organic elements are destroyed otherwise it is the best source of organic iron.

Ulcers, pernicious anemia, convulsions, degeneration of various nerves, arthritis, swelling of limbs, loss of vigor, rheumatic and other pains, heart problems, low and high blood pressure, eye troubles, headaches are primarily due to accumulation of waste matter in lower intestine. It is thus advisable to take two cups per day, of spinach juice mix with carrot juice.

Spinach juice also effects on teeth and prevents bleeding gums and fibroid degeneration of the pulp of the teeth.


Turnips are excellent food for every part of the bone structure of the body. No other vegetable contains as high percentage of calcium as the juice of turnip leaves. Thus, it is valuable for growing children and for people who are suffering from softening of bones. The potassium content of the turnip leaves helps to reduce hyperacidity. Turnip leaves also contains sodium and iron.


Radish contains volatile ether that is a solvent for mucus or phlegm. It also has enzymes, aiding in secretion of digestive juices. Because of their diuretic action they are valuable in cleansing the kidneys and the bladder.

The juice of radish in combination with carrot is a wonderful aid in cleaning and healing the mucous membrane of the digestive system as well as of the respiratory organs.


Fresh ripe grapes are wholesome fruits and are the great aid in the elimination of uric acid from the system. They also stimulate the secretion of digestive juices.

Grapes contain high sugar carbohydrate but they do not come under the carbohydrate fruit classification. They are very rich in potassium and iron content with the predominance of alkaline elements. A meal composed entirely of grapes for three-four days omitting all other food, is very satisfying and sustaining, beneficial in cleansing the whole system.


Lemons are very rich in organic citric acid, and they have a powerful alkaline reaction on the body, provided that no sugar is added. They contain 90% nearly water.

Lemon juice is a wonderful natural antiseptic for cuts, etc. Lemon juice is a successful aid in body discomfort or chemical unbalance.


Melons should form the entire meal. The water content of melons ranges from 90 to 93% according to the variety. They have a small proportion of cellulose fiber which is readily digested if no other food is taken with it. They are rich in potassium and alkaline elements. They are desirable for kidney disorders on account of their diuretic action.

This applies in general way to cantaloupes, casabas, honey dew, muskmelon, watermelons, etc.


Oranges contain nearly 87% water. They are rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. Oranges has citric acids and other fruit acid salts. They are rich in Vitamins A, B and C. Its alkaline effect on an over-acid condition of the body is very rapid.

Oranges should be used within fifteen minute from the time they are peeled because they oxidize rapidly. Under no circumstances sugar in any shape or form is added. If desired, honey should be used.


Pomegranate is exceptionally rich in sodium, contains some Vitamin A and is rich in vitamins B and C. The skin and partitions have very Tannic acid content and have a constipating effect. However, edible parts have a cleansing and cooling effect on the system and are generally somewhat laxative.

The juice of pomegranates, either straight or with addition of fresh carrot juice or with apple juice, makes a very healthful and pleasing beverage.


Tomatoes in their natural state, fresh, ripe and raw, have rapid alkaline reaction on the system. They can be eaten whole, sliced or quartered in salads. They have cleansing and vitalizing properties provided that no starchy carbohydrate present while eating or digesting them. The addition of sugar, bread, or crackers, etc., causes fermentation and acidity in the digestive system.

Tomatoes which have been cooked, canned or processed in any form (even Juices) have lost their principal organic value.


Apple contains 85% of water and is valuable aid to digestion, whether taken in natural state or juice form. They are rich in iron and silicon. Apples have a cleansing effect. Juice of fresh apples is of great help in case of fever and inflammation. As a top dressing for salads they can be grated or shredded. One should never add any kind of sugar with apples. When eaten on empty stomach tend to stimulate the activity of lower intestine.



1) Peel the vegetable or fruit, if required.
2) Grate the peeled vegetable or fruit with the finest holes of the grater.
3) Squeeze the grated vegetable or fruit in a net.
4) Juice is ready to serve.


1) Peel the vegetable or fruit, if required.
2) Cut into small pieces.
3) Squeeze the juice from the juicer.
4) Juice is ready to serve.

Note: Use of sugar, salt and vinegar in salads and juices should be avoided because they might have the destructive effect on the organic content of the juice or salad.

Honey can be used for sweetening if required.