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Our human body is constituted of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Naturally, all the tissues are composed of these elements, present in various properties.

Ether element plays a vital role in the construction and maintenance of the human body. This element is like a vacuum, which can be created everywhere but only when there is an absence of all matter. It is difficult to create a vacuum in the place of solids as they have a very high density of matter, but it is easier to do so in the place of liquids which have a lower density. Gases are of the lowest density, so it is easier to create a vacuum in their place.

Ether is present in all the tissues along with the other elements. With a higher intake of cereals in the diet, the tissues will contain more of the earthly element, which is the densest of all foods consumed. On the other hand, when vegetables are taken more often, in which the watery element predominates, ether is allowed to exist in comparatively higher proportions. In the same way, if one takes more of the less dense food such as fruits and leaves that contain subtler elements, ether will be allowed to develop in higher proportions.

Since ether is not an element of food, it is acquired through fasting only. In the absence of food, ether makes its appearance and its proportion increases.

The vital power, which is divine, flows into the body through ether only. This Divine power can travel through it and can be manifested only when ether is present in the body in higher proportions. If the ether element is allowed to predominate, the body is charged with vibrant vitality. In case there is just a small proportion of this element in the human body, the vital power is not able to manifest itself, resulting in all sorts of diseases and sufferings.


The main reason of the weakness of the body is the presence of acidity. The acidity intake must be reduced. Acidic foods include:

1) Tea
2) Coffee
3) Tobacco
4) Fried foods
5) Grains
6) Nuts

It is the best to take the diet with increased alkaline foods which include:

1) Fruits
2) Vegetables
3) Leafy vegetables
Fasting is the best way to cleanse and purify the body. Methods to do this include fasting, enemas, and bathing.

The vital power to the body flows from the infinite source, the Spirit body during deep sleep.

It is always like an electronic or electric storage battery which gets charged when put to the electric line. When ‘ego’ stops during sleep or meditation the body makes a connection with the ‘Spirit’, then the vitality shall be attained.