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Universal Love

IASSUniversal Love
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Universal Love At Spiritual Plane

On the spiritual plane the Spirit, which resides within your body, is a reservoir of universal love. However, due to the beliefs in duality that that love comes from family members, relatives, and friends, it is not manifested. Pangs of separation and disappointment are experienced when any of these people do not meet your expectations.

The truth is that your family members, relatives, and friends are in your life so you can perform your responsibilities without being attached or without expectations.

With unconditional surrendering to God, the dependency on the intellect and attachments from the mind are reduced. When these two are purified there shall remain no suffering and you will experience universal love.

God’s perfect love is attainable through the triad Sadhana of Tap-Seva-Sumiran.

Universal Love

Universal love is experienced on the spiritual plane. The deity of Love is Guru. The state is achieved when Kundalini Shakti transcends Agneya charka and reaches to Sahastrar i.e. Spiritual Plane.

The Divine Love is ever spreading, universal freed from any sectarian bondages purest and impersonal. The physical or blood relationship does not exist before that. It is neither physical, mental or intellectual. It is purely on Spiritual consciousness. That love is inside in the spirit but is covered by false relation-hood.

It is the grace of the Guru to whom the seeker is completely surrendered, which takes one to the highest Spiritual experiences. This Pious Love is beyond the scope of Sadhana but is experienced through surrender to the Lotus feet of God.